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Indie Boots creates and celebrates art featuring underrepresented perspectives on whose stories are worth telling, what's funny, and how the world works. Indie Boots projects encourage collaboration and coalition building among artists and activists. We hope Indie Boots events prompt both laughter and dialogue, entertaining audiences and inspiring discussion.

We highlight activists, women, queer folks, POC, artists, stories about class, access, the environment, living outside the mainstream, and well, you get the idea! And most selections are funny!
Indie Boots

Indie Boots Theatre Festival

2017: The Zoe Plays

Call For Short Plays

Regular Deadline: January 31, 2017
Late Deadline: February 14, 2017

  • No entry fee! We make submitting accessible to writers working on any budget!
  • An Audience Award will be presented at our 5th annual theatre festival!
  • All plays must use the word "Zoe" in the title ("Zoe's Room," "Guitar Lessons with Zoë," etc. To read about the plays from last year's festival, click here.)
  • Comedies and plays featuring underrepresented characters (women, queer folks, etc) are encouraged. All genres will be considered.
  • Selected plays usually run 5-10 minutes. (No minimum. 15 minute max.)
  • Cast size: 2-10 actors (3-6 are encouraged). All characters are played by adults.
  • Writers may submit more than one script. There are no premiere requirements.
  • Directors are encouraged to cast underrepresented actors (POC, trans folks, etc). Writers may leave character descriptions blank, supply general info or suggestions, or state specific requirements the director must follow when deciding which actors to cast.
  • Dialogue may be in any language, but scripts will be selected with consideration for our primarily English-speaking audience.
  • Ableist language is common in contemporary writing, and while its use is usually inadvertent, we encourage the use of more inclusive language. Other forms of inadvertent derogatory language are also discouraged. We understand language is complicated, relative, and always changing.
  • Writers of selected scripts will be notified via email in March 2017. Finalists will be performed as fully staged plays in spring 2017 in Chicago.

Complete the simple form below and email your script (with subject line and file name: Title, Writer) to: IndieBootsOrg@gmail.com

PDF and DOC files are preferred. If you are unable to fill out the online form, please email relevant information.

After you hit "submit," you'll see a confirmation page. If you emailed your script to IndieBootsOrg@gmail.com (with subject line and file name: Title, Author), then that's it, you're done! We will contact you if we do NOT receive your script.